Why hire an editor?

Why should you hire an editor? Quite simply, because we can make your work better.

Editors can help make any publication better, without leaving a trace of themselves behind. The best editors are invisible in the finished product, because they are exceptionally good at suggesting changes that enhance the author’s own work, making it infinitely better than it would otherwise be.

We can help with spelling and punctuation, word selection, clarity, layout, flow, tone, organisation, consistency, format and more. We can check accuracy, help with character and plot development, give constructive feedback, and offer encouragement.

Editors are flexible, adaptable and innovative. Language and communication is what we live. Just as there are many different kinds of publications, there are many different types of editors, and just about as many different ways of editing. Find an editor that understands your work, and offers the level of service you want. When you find your perfect match, you will be amazed at where your work can go.


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